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Survey Results

Hi Everyone,  We have been able to format the survey for everyone’s review. We are working on trying to submit via private email, file is pretty large but able to present here in its entirety. If you have any other issues or concerns, not listed in the comments that you feel should be considered please send an email to Denise or myself. We appreciate your support and input as we work through this process.


Vacation As You Choose to Divide Earned Days


As per my previous email you now have the ability to use your vacation time – split as you choose – during Xmas, Feb and or April vacation. This was benefit added last contract. I would advise you take advantage of this benefit to minimize drops in your paycheck. Especially, for those who carry insurance.  As most of us have learned you can end up with a very small pay check if you lose entire weeks pay; as all deductions will be taken out as usual.

All you have to do is email Monique Simard – and tell her how you would like to break them up BEFORE DECEMBER 1. She has extended our deadline. Thanks Monique!


You can enlarge image – shows how many days you have by years worked (typed part), and my example based on 8 days vacation (6-10 yrs service) hope its helpful — I know its not pretty 🙂 Julie

Second Chance Winners !

Thanks to all for participating.  We will be distributing your prizes the next week. All prizes were donated by MTA.

From The High School:   Eileen Murphy, Matthew Walker,  Karen Bartusek, Betty Ganis,

Jean Nerbonne and Jacqueline Menard

From The Middle School:  Sara Tasker, Sharon Cusack, Lona Beech

From JFK/AFM Complex:  Jason Gallagher, Diane Covino,Wendy Barber and Brenda Takessian

From Millville Elementary: Dennis :  Dennis Larose, Karen Hughes, Carolyn Dutremble,

 Lauri Labrie, and Robin Maynard

First Place Goes to Lynnea Jackson, and third place to Nicole Lancot. Congrats!

Congrats Nicole!

We will have a Meet and Greet at the JFK/AFM Complex Tues. Oct 25 in the library. Anyone who would like to volunteer for contract negotiations please send an email to me. Thanks – Julie

Congrats Carrie ! She chose the insulated lunch box. Remember second chance raffle for all who check out the site.
Congrats Carrie ! She chose the insulated lunch box. Remember second chance raffle for all who check out the site.


Our New Logo!


This will be our new logo! Results are below. Thank you for participating.

Valid Responses 34 | Total Responses 34

  • Logo Option 1 – 73.5% / 25
  • Logo Option 2 – 14.7% / 5
  • Logo Option 3 – 8.8% / 3
  • Logo Option 4 – 2.9% / 1

Union Dues

Dues will start coming out of the first full paycheck. We have lowered the rate for our local dues this year, and followed the MTA and NEA proportionate  breakdown of hours to dues percentage ratio. While its not a huge decrease as MTA and NEA are the largest portion of dues, most employees should notice a decrease. If you have any questions feel free to contact anyone of us.

Hope everyone’s year is off to a good start.

Julie Wolford – President

Denise Allard – Vice President

Deb Maloney – Treasurer



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